Your new appliance offers many new opportunities for communication in the home.

Thanks to the large TFT display, the user-friendly keys and the well-organized menu structure is it very simple to operate the appliance.

Your appliance can do so much more:

  • Program holidays such as birthdays, in your phone and your phone will remind you on time.
  • Allocate important interlocutors to one of the 6 VIP groups. In  that way you will already recognize important calls by their ringtone and the color of the assigned VIP group.
  • If you want to only answer calls whose identifying number you can see, that is possible. You can program your handset so that the ringtone only sounds whenever you receive an identified telephone number (caller ID).
  • Program more important phone numbers under the keys of your phone number (speed dial).The number is then chosen with one press of a button.
  • Program the display to large letters making the readability possible in situations which is important for you (eg. in the phone book and in lists).
  • You can program the menu display in such a way, that only the main functions (standard mode) or all functions (expert mode) are displayed.
  • Call environmentally conscious.