23 April 2013

Uitrol 4G Network

November 13th 2012

4G Network

AMSTERDAM - State members of the European Union are required to free up additional space for 4G networks.

This was decided by the European Commission on Monday.
All countries need to release extra frequentie space as of the 30 June 2014 to stimulate the rolling out of 4G Networks such as, LTE(Long Term Evolution) by 120 MHz of bandwith for adding 4G.
The total comes to 1000 MHz.

That is equal to the bandwidth available in the United States. Since 4G networks are much more widely available.

In the new plans, the 2 GHz-band which is currently used for 3G also used for 4G. It is mainly about the frequencies between 1920 and 1980 and between 2110 MHz and 2170 MHz.

This extra space for 4G means to meet the growing demand for mobile broadband better. I want to see Members of the States to react quickly to changes in the current licenses. We all win when there is a faster mobile Internet in Europe, says Euro Commission Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda).
frequency Auction

There is at this present moment in the Netherlands a frequency auction, because the licenses of T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN expire. There is room for two newcomers built next to the existing parties.

There is also extra space for reserved 4G. The result of the auction is expected within weeks.